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Power steering torque sensor price

I recently purchased a Ford Escape and within a week had a notice show up on dash "Power Steering Assist Fault" and experienced loss of power steering. Found out there was a recall on the power steering system back in which it could of need one of 3 fixes which this was one of.

After calling Ford found out that this vehicle had the recall addressed in Nov with a one year warranty which was up one month before I purchased. Once one of these repairs are made if alert appears in future owner is responsible for repairs. Not sure which repair was previously done but since warrenty is up I need to repair.

Trying to get a ballpark figure Dealerships will charge. TDolby answered 6 months ago. We'd only be guessing, I suggest you go to the source and contact your Ford Dealership service department for a price. Brought it to my mechanic and he ran diag I need to replace my tires on my Ford Escape. I live in a 4-season area and have studdless snow tires for the winter season. Does anyone have a recommendation on the best tires for the off-se Is a credilt card acceptable for payment?

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Steering torque and angle sensor

I took a few photos along the way, because I couldn't find anything on the web that had any disassembled column images, or any guides indicating what was required. I've steadily been fixing up a CAT-C write-off Z Coupe over the last few months, and had finally got it running only to find the power steering wasn't working at all. Checking the fault codes with my OBD reader showed me that this was a fault with the column torque sensor.

A bit of internet research told me that the torque sensor wiring is connected to the car loom via a coil of wires that allow the column to move freely lock-to-lock, but not much more. To be honest, I was a little careless with the steering column while the steering rack was off the car, and can only assume that I'd spun the column around too many times and broken these small wires. Mines a RHD and from an automatic but there shouldn't be much difference between any Z4 models. I'm 5'9" and working in the footwell was pretty uncomfortable.

Moving the seat back is a must, but if you have more sympathy for your back, you may consider taking the seat out altogether. First, loosen the torx bolt holding the column to its universal joint in the engine bay, then slide the lower-steering joint out of the way.

Back in the car, remove the 8 main bolts 13mm hex head. There's a main wiring harness that will prevent it from coming out entirely.

Rotate the column 90 degrees so that the motor hangs downwards. I've heard from a friend that it's possible to remove the column with the motor attached, but I couldn't see how this would be possible. Unbolt the power steering motor from the column two torx bolts. Lets start stripping down the column. Unbolt the hinge bolt at the lower end of the column. The bolt is in a snug plain bearing, so twist while pulling to extract it.

I had to apply a little extra force with a g-clamp to get it started. So lets keep going In order to slide it all the way off the column, you'll need to remove the black plastic keyway from the end of the column apparently a replacement comes as part of the steering angle sensor kitand slide off the white plastic slieves that sit in the bulkhead bearing. This joint is spring-loaded, to undo the bolts evenly, and support the casing as it is released. These hold a plate at the reverse side of the roller bearing.

I kept the bearing in place on the column i just removed the casing around itbut if you need to change the bearing for some reason, you may want to keep these screws in place and press out the whole lot together.

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The torque sensor is crimped to the column at two sections the torsion bar bit is somewhere between and underneath. I couldn't see how the plastic gear was attached, but assume this was some sort of interferance fit. To fix my problem, I had to repair the internal coil wires within the torque sensor.

Electronic power steering

There's about a metre of ribbon cable that wraps in a coil around the steering column to allow for lock-to-lock movement. In fact, there's probably enough wire to allow for 9 full wheel revolutions before it will break.DC Electronics have developed a complete range of standalone electric power-assisted steering systems EPAS for competition, road and marine use. We have solutions for full or partially Autonomous applications.

See our dedicated page for full details. Entry level EPAS system for professional users not requiring the ability to fine tune the system. Lightweight, cost effective power steering system for classic cars and other road going vehicles.

This system is designed for professional race teams. The user can fine tune the 5 adjustable steering maps via a rotary position switch to ensure the best feel and compatibility with the chassis. Go to downloads for more information or contact us.

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The Midi ECU uses a cost effective folded metal enclosure with a plastic interface connector. The system is ideal for applications where overheating of the ECU is unlikely to be an issue, such as lighter vehicles used for track days.

The MGU option is installed inline between the steering wheel and the steering rack the internal torque sensor detects the amount of driver steering input and then engages the electric motor to assist. The Pro Column is a complete height adjustable steering column.

The Pro Race Wiring harness comes complete with a 6 position rotary control off and 5 levels of assistance fixed by factory set maps.

power steering torque sensor price

The Pro Street system is designed for roadgoing vehicles, enabling cost-effective access to EPAS without needing to change the steering rack or fit a hydraulic system. The system comes in two styles, both of which function in the same way but offer a choice of packaging options:. Both systems are made using re-manufactured parts and come with a 2-year warranty when used for highway operation only.

A mode selection switch is provided with the harness to choose your preferred method of operation, which can be either: Manual control of steering assistance by potentiometer adjustment as with Option 1 or a digital wheel speed input signal, which can be used to increase the level of assistance at parking speeds whilst firming up the steering at higher speed. This universal system comes as a complete kit containing everything you need to add electric power steering to your vehicle.

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View all categories. Learning Center. The ECU, torque sensor, and position sensor are then tested, repaired and re-flashed, and any codes are repaired and cleared. Part Number: Condition: Remanufactured.

power steering torque sensor price

Warranty: Lifetime Unlimited Mileage Warranty. Fits: 2. Fits: with Electric Power Steering. The ECU, torque sensor, and position sensor are then tested, repaired and re-flashed, and any codes are repaire With Electric…. Fits: With Electric Power Steering - 2. Part Number: R. Warranty: 3 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty.

Fits: Models with 19 x 11" wheels - with Electric Power steering. Fits: Hatchback - with Electric Power Steering. Before, during, and after the sale, you can rely on our highly reviewed customer service. Our company is headquartered in California. We have been in business for over 30 years and are committed to providing an easy and effortless shopping experience.

Maruti Swift Torque Sensor Wiring diagram.

The lack of an OEM sticker means a lower price for you, the consumer. Click here for Mobile version. Our USA based parts pros can help. Click Here. Fuel Pump Assembly. Control Arm. Strut Assembly. Fuel Injector. Power Steering Rack. Performance Parts. Headlight Assembly.

Power Steering Gear Box. Wheel Hub.On the Honda, the slider influences the current flow through the coils, and the change in those two currents tells the control unit the magnitude and direction of torque. Jacques Gordon has worked in the automotive industry for 40 years as a service technician, lab technician, trainer and technical writer.

His began his writing career writing service manuals at Chilton Book Co. The first patent for power steering, granted indescribes a mechanical system that never went into production.

Hydraulic power steering was developed in the s, and it was first used on big Army trucks in the s. The Chrysler Imperial was the first car with power steering, and most of the other big luxury cars had it within a few years.

In the s, most of the auto industry switched over to front-wheel-drive, and power steering became standard equipment on almost every car and truck sold in the U.

This was a low-volume exotic-car platform that Honda used as a test bed to develop expertise with new materials and new technologies. By the time Honda introduced its first hybrid car, the Insight, EPS was far less expensive and far more versatile. Early power steering was so over-boosted that a driver could parallel park a 4,pound Coupe de Ville using only one finger to turn the wheel.

However, over-boosted steering causes fatigue on the highway, and most drivers prefer at least some feedback from the front wheels. By the late s, most power steering systems had electronic controls that reduce steering boost at higher speeds. Modern steering systems use an electronic torque sensor.

A traditional steering torque sensor has an input shaft and an output shaft. The shafts are connected by a torsion bar that twists when torque is applied, allowing the shafts to move relative to each other.

The relative movement might be just a few degrees, sometimes only tenths of a degree. On pure hydraulic power steering systems, the output shaft is connected to a finely tuned control valve.

Torque sensor coil signals mirror each other. The slider influences the current as it moves away from one and toward the other. There are several different ways to generate that steering torque signal, and the sensor developed by Honda uses an unusual approach.

repair cost for torque sensor

The input shaft has a collar called the core, sometimes referred to as a slider.Listing is for sensor only. Free US Sta ndard Shipping! Units to be returned should be packed carefully. Please be advised that packages sent by normal US Postal Service cannot be tracked to ensure delivery.

This warranty does not cover any incidental or consequential damages and is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied and no representative or person is authorized to assume for us any other liability in connection with the sale of our products.

This warranty gives you specific rights and you may also have other rights, which vary, from state to state. If you have any questions concerning this warranty, please contact us via ebay messaging. We do not refund shipping charges on returned items. No returns will be accepted after 30 days from invoice date.

power steering torque sensor price

Prices subject to change without notice. All references to any manufacturer name or model are for reference only. The buyer assumes all risk as to quality, performance and use of these products and agrees to hold PSS Enterprises LLC, and their agents and employees harmless for any injury, loss, or damage; including any and all incidental or consequential damages arising from the sale, installation, or use of PSS Enterprises LLC products.

The buyer is responsible for determining correct fitment of product to their own vehicle. Your receipt of an electronic order confirmation does not automatically signify our acceptance of your order. Warranty is limited, at our option, to the replacement, repair, or credit of the defective merchandise.

Special order parts are not returnable for any reason. Opened kits are not returnable. Do not break the seal on the kit if you think you may have to return it!

Electronic parts are not returnable. This is any part with part number staring PSS. No exceptions. PSS Enterprises LLC is not responsible for any errors or omissions in this web site, nor are we responsible for damages resulting either directly or indirectly.About the author: Leon serves as one of the leading technical editors for Mitchell 1.

He is a graduate of Universal Technical Institute and has previously worked for Aamco Transmissions and as a mobile service technician. He holds Certification and specializes in automotive diagnostics.

That is where an electronic power steering EPS system comes in handy. Another benefit of having an electric steering system is that it eliminates the use of hoses and fluid, therefore eliminating power steering leaks as well as a reduction in weight. Electronic power steering systems are becoming widely popular among auto manufacturers due to the fact that they provide a more refined feel that can be adjusted as needed.

The EPS is powered by a permanent magnet alternating current motor and is not dependent on the engine for its power source so steering feel is not affected when the engine is shut off.

The torque sensor itself has two independent coils of wire. One of the coils determines if a right hand turn is being made, the other coil determines if a left is being made. The signal is then sent from the EPS module to the appropriate coil, which will assist the vehicle in steering. A hybrid type of electronic power steering has been in place for some time now, but that included the use of an electric motor to drive a hydraulic pump.

The new version of EPS is all electronic. An EPS system works by using a pinion gear assist that provides the power assist by rotating the pinion gear.

power steering torque sensor price

The reduction gear is press fitted onto a set of splines on the pinion shaft and delivers the assist to the rack gear instead of pushing on the rack gear as in a hydraulic system. The steering gear itself is a manual rack with an electric motor mounted on the steering column or the rack.

When the driver turns the wheel, a steering sensor detects the position and rate of rotation of the steering wheel. This information along with input from a torque sensor mounted in the steering shaft is sent to the power steering control module. The system also uses other inputs from vehicle speed sensors and the traction control system which are factored in to determine how much steering assist is required. The control module then tells the motor to rotate the required amount.

Attached to the motor is the motor resolver sensor, which measures the rotation of the motor and sends the data to the EPS control module. Different surfaces will require different amounts of steering assist.

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