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Are you planning to estudar studytrabalhar work or viajar travel in Portugal? Become fluent in Portuguese before you chegar arrive! The best European Portuguese learning site.

I love your site.

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It is without doubt the best European Portuguese learning site I have found over the last 10 years that I have been struggling to learn the language It allows me to go at my own pace and go back when it's useful. Brought smiles to their faces. What I learned gave me the courage to say at least a few words in Portuguese, which brought smiles to the faces of the people I spoke to. I'm so glad I found your website A ton of resources.

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As a beginner, it gives me what I need to get started but has a ton of resources to keep me learning and take my education right through to an advanced level. It is such a massive resource and such a complete one.

That's why our Lessons automatically adjust themselves in real-timebased on your individual progress. Relevant and current. Your website is the highlight of my days When I wake up, the first thing I do is go to your site and practice my Portuguese I absolutely love your program and I am so thankful that I found it! It feels so personal, and it's so much fun. The topics of the videos and podcasts are so relevant and current. No robots here!

Practice with over 30, high-quality audio clipsrecorded by Portuguese humanos humans! Thanks for the amazing work on the learning studio. I use the speech to text on my iPad keyboard to fill in the written answers where possible which I think is improving my own pronunciation.

Easily gravar record your own voice and comparar compare it to the native recordings. You can even have your pronunciation instantly analyzedto check your accuracy. New speaking activity.Well, the TV kind at least. Telenovelas and drama series are very much a window into Brazilian society. They tend to influence daily conversations, fashion trends and are even known to shape contemporary family dynamics.

From a linguistic point of view, watching these will also be incredibly beneficial. These shows will expose you to the native Brazilian Portuguese accent, colloquialisms, pronunciation and that natural pace of everyday dialogues. Advanced learners in particular will thrive with this practical study method.

portuguese telenovelas online

Start by sourcing series that have English subtitles to them and, as you progressively improve your understanding, gradually shift your focus away from the written translations. You can also use the upcoming Portuguese FluentU program to watch clips, trailers and other authentic videos. FluentU is about so much more than videos: You also get access to interactive flashcards and vocab lists, annotated subtitles and personalized quizzes that evolve as you learn. Obviously, Brazilian entertainment goes above and beyond their famous soap operas.

To drive this point home, here are some epic shows that have been hitting the international screens recently. Its first season premiered in November and consisted of eight episodes.

More Drama, Please! 8 Brazilian Dramas You’d Be a Fool to Miss

Season two is currently in the works—but no launch date has been announced yet. He eventually finds himself right in the midst of the clandestine movie scene, a love triangle and the ongoing repression imposed by the military regime. The crime-thriller drama revolves around a soft-spoken, charismatic young man who is secretly a cold-blooded killer.

These are just some of the famous novelas that Brazil has exported across its borders. The story focuses on two main characters: twin sisters Raquel and Rute, the daughters of a poor fisherman.

The story begins in the late 19th Century, as a ship of Italian immigrants is making its way to Brazilian shores. Two passengers, Guiliana and Matteo, fall in love during the voyage, only to be separated as they arrive at their new homeland.

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Its main protagonist is a humble girl, who managed to build herself a fortune after spending her youth working as a cleaner in a chocolate factory. As she comes face to face with all the people who humiliated her in the past, she also reveals to a former flame that they have a son.

If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn a language with real-world videos. Experience language immersion online Portuguese Coming Soon! FluentU brings language learning to life with real-world videos. Learning a foreign language becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks.

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Navigation Portuguese Language and Culture Blog. By Thalita Alves. Adding a bit of drama in your life can be a very good thing. Sit tight and get ready to bring your studies to a whole new frequency. About FluentU FluentU brings language learning to life with real-world videos. Try FluentU for Free.

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All Rights Reserved. Contact Us Follow Us.Drama, Romance. The story of Miguel Domingos Montagnera lonely and slinky man, who after escaping a tragedy from the past, goes back home and has his life turned upside down.

He finds out that, in Votes: In Sete Vidas Parts of Meshe continues with everyday themes in the background, without the exaggerations that many telenovelas have. Everything has been written more carefully, the characters are more humanized and capture the public's charisma.

Despite a rather tense plot, its aesthetic calms and gives comfort to those who watch. It's a delightful telenovela to watch at 6pm when we get home from work and sit on the couch to rest for a while as we sip that coffee. Intending to aid her family, a beautiful young girl accepts the job in a prominent model casting agency, only to discover their girls are also hired for something else.

After four adaptations of classic telenovelas at 11pm, Walcyr Carrasco, who had already adapted 'Gabriela', creates a new story he has a reputation for recycling elements in his works with an extremely dramatic and adult load.

portuguese telenovelas online

All the elements are impeccable - from the actors, soundtrack, scenery and photography to the big fashion shows - and the obscurity of characters that excite the curiosity of the younger audience and renew Globo TV's stock of innovations.

Comedy, Drama, Romance. Based on the homonym telenovela ofthis adaptation brings the identity of Walcyr Carrasco in the classic work of Jorge Amado. Humor, romance and drama are mixed in a plot set in the Northeast of Brazil. The soundtrack is one of the best in recent years. Drama, Fantasy, Romance. This beautiful fairytale tells the story of a pure friendship between two children: Serelepe, an orphan boy who lives in the streets, and Pituquinha, the daughter of a uncompromising colonel.

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The direction of Luiz Fernando Carvalho made the total difference to make this the most beautiful telenovela of all times. Scenery and costumes that are true works of art.

All is well work in a colorful point of view of things. Unfortunately the text, adapted from the homonymous soap opera ofis insufficient to put this novel at the top of the list, but the innovation in bringing film aesthetics to a telenovela that appears daily makes this one of the best of the last years. Seriously, people! Research the scenario of this on Google.

Watching it on a high definition television was one of the best experiences I've had.

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Comedy, Drama, Mystery. A young girl who had her life ruined by an ambitious, unscrupulous woman returns to her as an adult, under a new identity and seeking revenge. Votes: 1, TV prime time has always been full of reasonable telenovelas, which, no matter how captivating the audience, sinned in their script. The last work that was pretty good at 9pm was 'A Favorita ', which coincidentally is from the same author of 'Avenida Brasil'. This telenovela had the ability to become a qualitative audience - a public that not only watches, but also comments, make memes, divulges and gets really excited with the episodes.

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One of the great phenomena of Globo, watching this daily was a delight. All social classes were captivated by the confrontation between Nina and Carminha.Last Updated: April 9, by Ingrid.

Fortunately, Netflix is rapidly adding new binge-worthy original Brazilian shows. A massive scandal erupts in Brazil during an investigation of alleged government corruption via oil and construction companies.

Brazilian period drama set in s Rio to the seductive strains of bossa nova. Everything seems lost, but Malu eventually finds new friends, a second chance at love, and the courage to fulfill her dream of opening a music club. Fans of Brazilian pop culture should check out this addictive YA crime drama with a catchy funk soundtrack.

Created and directed by music video producer KondZilla, who took funk out of the favela and made it mainstream with the biggest YouTube channel in Brazil and Latin America. Note: No English subtitles available for YouTube trailer -- tap to watch subtitled trailer on Netflix. Players hail from a variety of locations in Brazil. The diversity of accents, colorful slang, text jargon, and regional cultural references make The Circle a great choice for language learners.

No English subtitles available for YouTube trailer -- tap to watch subtitled trailer on Netflix. In this inventive comedya new brand new angel uncovers a secret behind the guardian angel bureaucracy that leads him to break official rules about protecting humans. Lots of colloquial Portuguese. This Netflix Original follows three young doctors determined to bring a Zika vaccine to the remote Pantanal.

They find themselves trapped in an isolated community whose leader has supernatural healing powers. Note: No English subtitles available for trailer -- tap to watch subtitled trailer on Netflix. This Netflix Original follows Cristina, an honest and hard-working lawyer, who discovers her imprisoned brother leads a criminal faction known as Irmandade Brotherhood. Forced by the police to infiltrate the Brotherhood and inform on her brother, Cristina comes into contact with her darkest side and begins to question her own ideas of justice.

In this campy adult cartoon, three gay co-workers lead double lives as drag queen superheroes, saving the LGBTQ community from evil nemeses. Lots of raunchy humor. Ingrid retired early from software engineering at 43 to devote herself to language learning and travel. Her goal is to learn a new language to fluency every two years. Category: BrazilFeaturedNetflixPortuguese. Also, what are the best methods to learn while watching a show? I tend to just watch TV shows and movies in my target language for enjoyment as a reward after doing grammar studies, podcasts with transcripts, and classes with online tutors.

Muito obrigada, Manuela, que gentileza a sua. Vou te mandar um email. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Second-Half Travels. O Mecanismo. Killer Ratings.A young man, who has been secretly cloned by his godfather scientist, falls in love for a Moroccan girl from a rigorous family. Votes: 2, The difficulties faced by a young, sweet-hearted white slave targeted by the obsession of her lord in the Brazilian colonial time period. Votes: The love story of two Italian young immigrants who first meet on their way to Brazil at the end of the 18th century, but are separated after their ship docks.

The story of two young Italian lovers of different, rival families who are separated after he moves to Brazil and falls for another woman, while she is forced to marry a fascist. Drama, History, Romance.

Adventure, Drama, Romance. The daughter of a traditional, rich Indian family falls in love for a Dalit, an "untouchable" man. The enmity between two rancher families in territorial dispute, and the forbidden love between a drover and a landless, mysterious woman with no past.

Drama, Mystery, Thriller. The friendship of two women is torn apart as one, supposedly innocent, is accused of murdering the other one's husband.

After she dies, a ballerina reincarnates in a beautiful, sweet-hearted indian and returns to her past family and the man she loved and had left.

Sol, a dreamy young woman from the carioca suburbs, attempts to emigrate to the United States, believing in a better life with better opportunities. Drama, Fantasy, Romance. A countryside young man gifted with precognitive powers moves to the big city, where he meets some unscrupulous people interested in his gift, and the girl he knows is the woman of his life. A prominent producer is approached by an ambitious woman who becomes her assistant, but actually intends to own everything that is hers.

A Maranhense young woman and a carioca tourist photographer fall for each other and get separated by destiny and a woman obsessed with his family's fortune. A young woman vows revenge on a tricky, unscrupulous man after he fools and abandons her pregnant with their child. After a young woman gives birth to twins and dies precociously, her cold-hearted mother keeps her grandson but rejects his sister with Down syndrome, who is adopted by their sweet-hearted surgeon.

Comedy, Drama. A short tempered, feminist rich woman notable for her aversion to marriage and her aggressive behavior gradually falls in love for a rough and lowly farmer.I am currently learning Portuguese.

I want to learn European Portuguese. I am now watching the series la vida sigue a Brazilian series. It's a nice addition to Duolingo. Here are a few playlists with series - unfortunately without subtitles I think that's gonna be pretty hard to find :. I don't know where you could find those shows in English, but if you search online you might be able to find them. I am not a big fan of telenovelas, but hey, if they can help you learn potuguese it's even better.

Good suggestion, although probably not ideal for someone who wants to learn European Portuguese. Anyway, you've reminded me that there are more movie suggestions here:. I watch a really good show called extr here's a link to the first episode. It's good for beginners, and it's also very interesting, take a look it also had subtitles in both Spanish and English. Get started. HelloI am currently learning Portuguese. June 4, June 5, January 25, June 15, June 6, Forgot to mention, these here are from Portugal.

June 13, Learn Portuguese in just 5 minutes a day. For free. Get started Login.This is a list of Portuguese telenovelas. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Categories : Portuguese telenovelas Lists of telenovelas. Hidden categories: Articles with short description.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ajuste de Contas.

portuguese telenovelas online

Ouro Verde. Anjo Meu. Anjo Selvagem. A Banqueira do Povo. Artur Ribeiro, adapted from Chilean original Hijos del Monte. Chuva na Areia. Dei-te Quase Tudo. Adaption of Argentine telenovela You Are the One telenovela. Destinos Cruzados. Fala-me de Amor. Filha do Mar. Filhos do Vento. A Grande Aposta. Jardins Proibidos. Jardins Proibidos Mundo Meu. Na Paz dos Anjos. Nunca Digas Adeus.

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