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Burton step on 2020

Burton Step On is snowboarding's most intuitive boot-to-binding connection. Three connection points; two by the toe and one at the heel, deliver unmatched security and board control. Universally compatible with all current snowboard mounting systems, including 4x4, 3D, and The Channel.

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Snowboard Bags. Popular Brands. Staff Picks. All Brands. Explore our brands. Log in. Close cart.After three years in production, the Burton Step On system has reshaped the idea of how a boot and binding can work. Twenty years different companies played with the idea of easy access boot to binding capabilities. There was clickers, step ins, switch, and other attempts at creating a new boot to binding system.

Unfortunately they all failed, giving a bad name to any new strapless binding system. The reason the systems failed was because to created the system the manufactures replaced regular snowboard boots and bindings with overbuilt equipment.

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For the boot to binding connection, the boots required large metal components in the sole of the boot, eliminating the flex and feel of the boot. The locking metal pieces of the boot to binding also created a boot that was completely glued onto the board which did not replicate the movement of a boot in a regular strapped binding.


The numerous metal components of these older systems also added far too much weight to the entire snowboard setup.

In setting out to rewrite the Step On phenomenon, Burton wanted to solve all of these issues with their new system. To do this, engineers at Burton created a camera rig that positioned GoPros encircling a riders boot and binding on a snowboard. The engineers took this rig on the hill to film and study how a boot normally moves in a binding while riding. Through rapid prototyping with 3-D printers, the engineers were then able to test and test ideas until they had a new product that matched the exact way a typical boot and binding operate.

They were also able to create a boot that contained no metal pieces on the bottom of the sole of the boot. This was the key and allowed for a naturally flexing snowboard boot. This process of engineering trials lasted five years at the Burton factory in Burlington, Vermont with the top Burton engineers locked behind closed doors in a top secret operation.

After all the engineering efforts put into Step Ons, Burton was able to create a system that feels no different than normal strap bindings. Of course the biggest advantage of the Step On system is its ease if use. This is essentially the driving idea behind the system.

Nobody wants to sit down in the snow to strap in, or have to take the time to wait and strap in. This intuitive system allows the user to simply step on to their binding and quickly ride off the lift.

Once the user gets the hang of the system they will even be able to step on without even stopping after riding off the lift. With the locking mechanism located on the heel of the boot, and high back of the binding, Step Ons may also be a little more responsive than strapped bindings.

Being able to drive turns from a locked heel gives for quicker response when ridings.

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There are barely any cons with the Step On system. The only true down side would be boot fit. Burton makes some of the best snowboard boots on the market, and because of the design, Step On boots are an identical fit to regular Burton boot line. That being said, everybody has different feet shapes and there are some people that do not fit into Burton boots as well as other companies.

If you are a person that does not fit comfortably into Burton boots the Step On system, sadly, is not for you. If you are unsure if Burton boots fit your feet well, it is important to try some pairs on at your local snowboard shop, instead of buying online. This is the case with any snowboard boot on the market, and since boots are the most important piece out of all the gear it is imperative to take time in trying boots on in person.

The other thing that Step Ons lack, for now, is micro adjustments.The Step On Bindings offer the most intuitive boot-to-binding connection for riders seeking both convenience and performance. Three connection points - two by the toe and one at the heel - deliver unmatched simplicity, security and board control. A quick release lever ensures quick and easy exit so the days of sitting down to strap in are long gone.

Whether you're a beginner who wants the easiest possible first setup or are just tired of having to constantly be sitting down and getting up to strap in, the Step On Bindings will make your mountain days more seamless than ever.

These bindings must be paired with a Burton Step On Boot to experience the simplicity and convenience of snowboarding's most intuitive connection. They are not compatible with other boots. Be careful - Once you Step On, you may never want to get off.

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Shipping Restriction: This item is not available for shipment outside of the United States. Overridden Price. Read Reviews. Members earn points with this purchase. This item is currently out of stock. Shop other Snowboard Bindings. Shop all Burton Snowboard Bindings. Customers Also Viewed. Quick View. All-Mountain Freestyle - everything from peak to park. Medium - slightly stiffer, responsive yet forgiving.

burton step on 2020

Basic - ideal for carving and cruising the frontside. Recommend this product 1 of 1 Reviews. Quality 0. Value 0. Fit 0. Comfort 0. Customer Images Page 1 of 1. Close imageSliderPopup Prev Next. Quality 5. Value 5. Fit 5. Comfort 5. I started off learning how to ski many years, ago but eventually transitioned to snowboarding.

I can still recall being able to get off the chair lift, and immediately begin skiing.Remember when the world was first introduced to the idea of Step On bindings? Well, Burton proved us wrong, and the Step On success story continues. There are three contact points inside the binding, two in the front and one in the back. First, get your heel into the highback and then press down your toe edges to engage the anchor points. Despite the different entry system, the bindings are as good as any Burton bindings.

Which came true straight away, getting my foot into the binding was super easy and you can do it on the move with very little practice. After exiting certain lifts I could even start my run without having to stop at all, at least until I decide to wait for your mates. However, once I adjusted the high back to have more forward lean it was a slightly more difficult to fully lock my foot in. After testing these bindings I did some research and found out you can move the footbed forward to eliminate that problem.

So I would recommend allowing some time to set these up perfectly for your style of riding. Getting out of the binding is also really easy in the right conditions. All you have to do is release the back latch and twist your foot. If I was already sitting or kneeling and I wanted to take my board off I found it really awkward to twist my foot out of the clips. The ride feel was good, it was impressive to feel so secure without having any visible straps.

The heel fixture works particularly well and eliminates any chance of heel lift between the boot and the binding. Perhaps not quite as well as regular bindings in such conditions, but I had no harder time getting in after hiking around than my two-strapped compadres.

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Burton Step On: Can you step on in powder?

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Burton Men’s Step On 2019-2020 Snowboard Bindings Review

Get the Right Size Board Not sure which size will suit you best? Learn More About Step On.

burton step on 2020

Need more info on how Step On works?Shop Sale. Position 1 is designed to accommodate for underfoot snowpack.

2020 Burton Step On Review

The final heel engagement position, Position 2, is the optimal and most common riding position. While this only affects the functionality of Position 1we strongly advise an immediate update to the Heel Cleat on your Step On boots. Until this update has been made, please ride with the Heel Cleat engaged in Position 2. NOTE: All updated heel cleats feature a white square around the screw.

Please watch the video below on how to identify the correct cleat. If yours do not feature the white square, please follow the instructions on this page to get your updated heel cleat.

Your order has been submitted. We will notify you when your order has shipped. This order is for one pair of updated parts.

Burton Photon Step On Snowboard Boots - Mens 2020

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Please enable Javascript or update your browser to view this web content. How to update your Step On boots: Installation is easy. Learn more in this helpful how-to. Get Your Parts Submit your information here and we'll send your parts out to you. First Name. Last Name. Address 2 Optional. ZIP Code. Country United States. Send your Step On boots to us. Chat with a Burton Guide to get your free expedited shipping label. Go back to top.After years and years of development and research, lots of struggle and testing, the Burton team finally managed to make them so much expected Burton Step On Bindings work perfectly.

If you are a snowboarder or you're into winter sports, in general, you most likely already know what these are and you get excited only hearing about them. But for those hearing about Burton Step On for the first time, this is the newest snowboard binding system that has no straps that you have to tighten around your boots, like the ski ties. This snowboard binding system was inspired by the snowboarder's biggest struggle which is sitting down on snow every time they wanted to put their boards on.

The biggest issue that the team had to solve was making the bindings feel and behave exactly like norma snowboard bindings. There was no room for compromise so every aspect was taken into consideration so that the Step On bindings will give you the same feel as norma bindings. The convenience that comes with using these bindings is incredible. You no longer have to stay in the snow while tightening straps and the whole process of getting in and out of the bindings is extremely quick and simple.

You just have to step into the bindings and your good to go. Also to get out of them you just have to use a little leaver located on the right side of each heel. Those bindings are compatible with any kind of snowboard but it is worth mentioning that you will need special boots to use them. Now, many people will be worried and skeptic about those bindings, fearing that they are not secure enough.

But the clipping mechanism is much safer than you can imagine because those bindings have 3 critical parts which are the two toe caps at the front that click in your toe cleats and the heel buckle wick corresponds to the heal security locking on the boots. This makes the Step On bindings extremely secure and gives that normal binding feel.

The bindings, as well as the boots, come in different sizes and models for men, women, and kids. Some boots models also come with a strap that tightens around your ankle which makes it feel like it is a real binding on your foot. The bindings have been tested by lots of experienced riders and all of them were impressed by how natural they feel. The way he rides his snowboard with those bindings is insane.

After we saw him we had no more doubts about Burton Step On bindings. He has some of the best snowboarding tutorials out there. You can find the Burton Step On Bindings and boots on Amazon, but the problem is that here you won't find all the sizes and diversity as on the official Burton website.

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burton step on 2020

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