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AKS-T Buffer Tube

Modding guns in Escape From Tarkov is an almost spiritual experience. Where most online shooters might give you a choice of scope and muzzle attachment, Tarkov lets you customize every conceivable component. Gas tubes, barrels, receivers, side mounts, and optics can all be replaced to create your perfect angel of death, a weapon of war tailored to your every desire. The guns you are about to witness are not these guns. Because with light, so must come darkness, and the freedom of Tarkov's overwhelmingly complicated gun modding lets you make some truly abhorrent monsters.

These are just a few of my favorite guns, each one so weird it could be an Exotic weapon from Destiny 2. And if you dare follow in my footsteps, I've even created a shopping list for each one so you can easily recreate them. And God saw the light, and it was, like, really bright. You cannot kill that which you cannot see is probably the most fundamental truth of any shooter, but thankfully there's the Eye of Providence, a Colt M4A1 equipped with five flashlights that will let you peer into even the blackest abyss and bathe your enemies in radiant, scintillating light.

And to make sure you can always get a bead on your foes, I have attached five separate optics: three reflex sights mounted on a Nightforce ATACR x56 scope, with a fifth T-1 reflex sight mounted at an angle along the handguard. Other notable features include a suppressor and drum magazine because reloading is for losers.

Tarkov - AS VAL Pistol grip-buffer tube

Any warrior worth his salt can kill regardless of the weapon, and Box of Chocolates is the gun that separates warriors from corpses. I have meticulously loaded its round drum magazine with at least one of each different type of gauge ammo, meaning you'll never know whether your next shot will unleash a devastating 12x70mm AP slug or just some useless buckshot.

But that shouldn't concern a true warrior like you. Along with the customary suppressor, Box of Chocolates also comes with a laser designator and dual flashlights—so you can guarantee your enemies will always be coming to you.

Though you might think this a mere PM pistol modded with a sight mounted suppressor, the inverse is actually true: This is a suppressor modded with a pistol. Yes, the distinction matters. Legends say that eons ago mythical gunsmiths called the Alpha Dogs forged a suppressor with a weaver rail built on top of it so that warriors could mount optics on the suppressor itself.

It was, naturally, branded as heresy and the Alpha Dogs were disembowled in front of The Autarch and his court. Most were of these profane suppressors were thought destroyed, but a few have apparently survived. This AKSU platform boasts four laser designators to ensure you can always get a bead on your target—which is good because you'll need all the help you can get the moment you pull the trigger. The AKSU already suffers from wild recoil, but without a stock this bad boy will kick harder than a mule, making it a challenge to kill even the closest target.By Nicholas Poe.

Since the days of Goldeneye and Halo: Combat Evolved, assault rifles have been a staple in video games. It is no secret that they play an important role in Escape from Tarkov, the action RPG from Battlestate Games that has recently gained a lot of traction on Twitch. The massive amount of weapons to choose from in Escape from Tarkov is enough to overwhelm even seasoned FPS players. There is something for everyone and you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your play style somewhere in the arsenal.

When success in arena modes depends largely on what kind of weapons and gear you have, it is important to know which of the guns will be your best friend.

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Here are the top 10 assault rifles that will be a major asset as you navigate the world of the Norvinsk region.

The modernized 7.

buffer tube ak tarkov

The AKM uses heavier ammo 7. However, it can be a bit harder to control and a lot slower than some of the other guns on the list. Currently, an AKM will cost you around 35, Roubles, which is quite a bargain for the amount of punch this weapon can bring. Like most of the weapons in Escape from Tarkov, the true power of an assault rifle comes from the modifications available. The AKM has a lot of really great modifications available at relatively cheap prices. The biggest issue with the AKM is the recoil, but that can be dampened with the rubber recoil pad added to the stock.

The more you play this game, the more likely it is that, at some point, you will be carrying an AK. The AK is a solid option, especially with the attachments available. It has a longer range a bit more stability than the AKM. Much like its predecessor, the AK can benefit from having a rubber recoil pad on the stock to mitigate the recoil.

The biggest issue with the AK is with the spray, but if your primary mode of fighting is either at distance or close up, this weapon could be perfect for you.

It has more flesh damage, but it sacrifices some armor penetration as the tradeoff. The AK is at its best when being tapped at enemies instead of spraying.

Plus, the AK is one of the best sounding weapons in the game. Controlling recoil and making the AK the best hip fire weapon is a key to using this gun effectively. The ADAR is an amazing PvP weapon that packs a serious punch, but you might prefer a full automatic weapon in close-range fights. The high accuracy percentage and lower recoil than other assault rifles make this an ideal medium range weapon.

The ADAR will cost you around 35, roubles from Skier, but you may be able to find it cheaper in the flea market. Of course, there are modifications that can make the ADAR both more effective and look way cooler. The key difference between the AKM and its older brother, the AK, is the added side-folding shoulder stock and the mount for optical and night scopes.

Prapor will sell you the AKM for around 37, roubles, but always check the flea market for better prices on bare bones weapons. The AKM definitely needs a new sight. The Cobra EKP reflex sight is a solid option that will not break the bank, running under 10, roubles if purchased from Prapor. Adding the rubber recoil pad is also a good idea for this weapon and every other assault rifle on this list.If you measure success of a tool by the number produced and the service life of each one made, the AK pattern rifle is one of the most successful tools in human history.

More than million have been made in a dizzying variety of models and calibers. Younger shooters may not appreciate the mystique and fear that the AK captured in the minds of Americans during the Cold War. Early American M16s featured 20 round magazines, until troops fighting in Vietnam encountered AKs firing. Suddenly the M16 needed a round magazine of its own, and quickly!

Later, when the AK was first seen by western observers, rumors spread that the new Soviet design could chamber and fire our 5. I believe we should now judge the AK based on its true performance using modern standards. This historic design has clearly aged, and deficiencies that once seemed pretty minor are holding it back versus more modern rifles.

I believe the AK has plenty of life left in it! Here are the top 5 areas you can upgrade today without breaking the bank. With these upgrades installed, your Kalashnikov will be safer, more accurate, more controllable, and more comfortable to shoot. It is your responsibility to be aware of Federal and State laws regarding legally re-configuring your rifle.

Federally, 18 U. This is a very important law, because imported rifles are banned entirely unless they are configured very specifically in ways most shooters find ugly and inconvenient. To keep your rifle legal, it must contain no more than ten foreign parts from the list. For AKs in particular, this means you need a minimum of 5 American made parts for a rifle with a bare muzzle and 6 American made parts for a rifle using a muzzle device.

In addition, many states have passed gun control restrictions regarding permissible configurations for your AK. Members of online forums like www. Such high safety standards started in American military and competition shooting and are now a huge part of our shooting culture. This culture of safety did not exist when the AK was designed and is often not shared by overseas users of the AK rifle. The standard AK selector requires the user to take their primary hand away from the firing grip to swipe up for safe, down for fire.

Compared to the AR and other modern selectors, its slow and cumbersome. Applying modern safety standards to the AK during a high round count carbine class is a frustrating experience, as your safety is slower to use, yet also chews up your right hand over time.

During an AK class I was attending as an assistant instructor, I watched as a student transitioned from standing to kneeling position, to shoot from behind a barricade.

Tarkov - Izhmash RPK-16 buffer tube

As he plopped down into the kneeling position with his AK across his chest, the corner of a spare magazine in his chest rig caught his trigger and fired a round into the mud—about three inches in front of his left knee. His finger was off the trigger the entire time, but he had gotten lazy and left the safety off in his hurry. Only the luck of which knee was up and which knee was down saved him from his own negligence that day.

The solution is an aftermarket safety selector lever like those offered by Krebs Custom. A carefully shaped tab extends horizontally from the Krebs selector so you can keep your hand on the pistol grip while your trigger finger reaches up and flicks the safety up and down. The result is much faster, instinctive manipulation with no finger abrasion over time. This little notch helps tremendously at shooting ranges or in carbine classes where locking the bolt back is required for safety reasons at certain times.

Faster and safer; there is no disadvantage at all to an upgraded safety selector lever. Now that you can run your Kalashnikov like a 21st century shooter, you should aim it like a 21st century shooter as well.

Factory stock AK iron sights feature a wide front sight, narrowly notched blade rear sight, and a short sight radius distance between the two. This makes the gun more expensive and slower to produce—the exact opposite of what you need when you have millions of conscript infantrymen desperate to trade in their outdated bolt action rifles for a modern weapon.

Second, the AK was never designed to be an accurate target rifle. It was designed to hit targets with controlled bursts of full auto fire at relatively short range while the rest of the Motor Rifle Platoon does the same thing. Therefore, AK iron sights needed to be cheap and fast to make, and hard to bump out of alignment by accident.

They are a huge pain to adjust, they are slow to acquire, and the sight radius is short enough to hurt practical accuracy.This kit fits. Hard anodized type III black finish. Machined lower slot to accept all end plates and sling mounting accessories. Buffer tubes measure 7". Alpha Stock KitWeight: 8. Manufacture Description: Shockwave is proud to introduce the patent-pending Blade pistol stabilizer.

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Made from high-strength glass-reinforced polymer, the Blade is manufactured to exacting tolerances and fits all pistols equipped with a standard AR pistol buffer tube up to 1. No special receiver extension needed. No half-hour installation process. Just slip it on and tighten the large set screw for a rock-solid installation. KAK Shockwave Tube12 length adjustment settings. Anti-rotation and anti-thrust design stays.

The patented cam-lock system completely removes any slop or play inherent with collapsible stocks. Once the desired stock position has been selected, the stock can be locked down solid simply by depressing the cam-lock lever upward. Pressing the quick-release lever will disengage both the cam-lock, and detent pin, allowing you to quickly readjust the stock position. Comes with removable recoil pad and Quick Detach port installed QD swivel not included.

Color may vary slightly from picture posted Length, max: 7. LOP Adjustment Range: 3. Designed with a low profile to clear charging handle action.

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Length: 5. Made of soft high quality foam and designed to fit over a 1. Included in the stock's frame, are two storage compartments that hold batteries or other small items, like earplugs, etc.

The padded buttplate provides no-slip surface against chest rigs and body armor. This stock will not fit on a commercial tube. Due to higher order volume, please expect shipping delays We appreciate your patience '. On Sale. Product Compare 0.

Highest Ergo SKS/OP-SKS - Modding Guide 0.12 - Escape From Tarkov

Show: 25 50 75 By Steve Latorre. Escape From Tarkov is an intense, realistic first person shooter set in a fictional war-torn city near St. Dark Souls will seem like a walk in the park. Hitting your head against the wall is probably less punishing than overcoming this brutal military tactical shooter.

Yet, the rewards for playing this game supersedes its criminally punishing difficulty. The game centers around incessant warfare in a fictional city called Tarkov. You take control of a mercenary who needs to escape a violent and ravaged battlefield.

This game is a realistic simulation. So, if your character dies, you lose all your weapons. Literally gone. The gear you spent three hours acquiring, sloppy seconds for another player.

We have you covered. Arguably the most underrated gun in the game, the AKM packs a knockout punch, just like its older brother, the AKN. The BP ammo should be the ammo you use for this weapon. However, even with BP ammo, some players will have problems dealing with enemies more than 50 meters away. Variants of this popular weapon has graced many FPS or games involving military weapons. The player equipped with this versatile weapon has a piece of mind knowing it can savagely beat their opponents and the AKN is no different in Escape From Tarkov.

Izhmash RPK-16 buffer tube

If you can reduce the recoil, you can deal more damage and deal more chain shots. The 5.

buffer tube ak tarkov

The marksman rifle is the best of both worlds. Loads of players love this gun because it provides quick and accurate power while offering many potential customizations. Either way, the BRAV04 works well too and you can decide based on your preference.

Its default ammo is the 7. With a high mag attachment, you can carry this trust companion with confidence. This Operations Specialist Weapon is one of the most recognizable weapons because of its design. To make the SA58 reliable in close quarters and long distance, you have to factor in two of its biggest flaws.

First, the SA58 is loud! Standing next to church bells probably makes less noise than its gunshot noise. We recommend not to use it as a silent weapon anyways. Secondly, like most assault rifles its recoil is high. We suggest you use the 7. The Springfield Armory M1A is considered a high-tiered weapon.

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It can easily become very overpowered, dealing one-shot kills against other players. We are almost tempted to say even at its current version, it is enough to be effective in the battlefield. For our list though, we want to make sure your enemies run in fear.Side rails allow accessories such as lights and lasers.

Center cutout allows user to still use iron sights. The distinction between inferior quality and premium AK Scope Mount is undeniable. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell. Ratings Snapshot. Would recommend this product. Please be aware that there may be a delay in shipping. Your credit card will not be charged until we ship the product. Fits AKM pattern rifles with a stamped receiver 7.

McCain star fail. Date: March 24, It was so loose it fell off. Verified Buyer. No star fail. Date: March 20, AK rail mount dust cover. Date: February 21, Minimum work on it had to do a little bit of fitting not much.

I have an older model Norinco paratrooper years old I would like to include a picture but I don't think I can. A little bit of trimming above the safety pivot and a smidgen of the overall length topside of Barrel end which I had to do on the original dust cover. Verified Buyer Recommended. AK 47 receiver cover mount. Date: October 29, Quality is good for the price. I had to do a little modification to piece. But nothing crazy.

buffer tube ak tarkov

Date: October 25, Chicago snapped their 10-game losing streak with a 119-111 OT win last night in Charlotte. Give the Bulls credit for finding their offense, but it was just their 4th win in 24 games this season and we don't suspect a winning streak is about to begin. They're 0-4 ATS both off a SU win and when playing without rest between games. The Knicks whipped Memphis last time out and did so without Tim Hardaway, who's out with a leg injury. His loss is baked into this number as far as we're concerned.

We have a Knicks' team that's covered seven of their last nine against teams with a losing record, while covering five in a row in this series. I'm laying the points with the Knicks on Saturday. All my picks are based on interpretation of statistics, context and personal judgement. Each selection is primarily based on available value for long-term profits and not short priced easy favourites. Ultimately, I use my own analysis in combination with intelligent based software.

Wazzu's defense has steadily gotten worse as the season goes along. They allowed 91 to Idaho on the road and 81 to UC Davis as well. Robert Franks and Malachi Flynn are averaging over 36 points per game combined. UTEP is feeling good after a 88-76 home win over New Mexico last time out. They will be once again without Matt Wilms in the middle. That will make the Miners defense much worse considering he's their enforcer type.

Extra pressure now on Keith Frazier and Omega Harris. UTEP has gone over in 14 of their last 21 games when the total is 140 to 149. This game features the 13-11 Sixers and the 18-8 Cavs. This game will be easy pickings as the Sixers will rest their star Joel Embid and this line just is too low. Cavs lost outrite last night at the Pacers and will not be to happy going into this one.

In the last nine years, this situation is sensational 23-3. The 7-5 Baltimore Ravens are in Pittsburgh to take on the 10-2 Steelers and for a number of different reasons, I think this on favors the visitors. Baltimore has won three straight. Pittsburgh enters off a come-from-behind 23-20 win over Cincinnati on Monday night.

buffer tube ak tarkov

Note that this is a revenge game for the Ravens after they fell 26-9 to the Steelers in the first meeting back on October 1st. Denver, which has lost eight in a row after a 3-1 start enters into this game in a shambles.

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